Why I Left My Father’s House

Yesterday made it exactly one year since I packed my bags and told my parents I was coming back to Lafia to spend the weekend and my birthday, which was a day after, with my friends. I never came back after that weekend, at least till 3 weeks later when I came back to get most of my stuff. I served in Lafia, Nasarawa State, in 2019. I passed out in October that year and was scared of what my future would look like. I remember crying on the morning of my POP and my neighbour was shocked. Obvious

Brochures and Magazines Designers in Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Brochures and magazines – The end point of having a brochure, magazine, advert, anything you want people to read, is for them to take an action. This action might be to buy your product, patronize your services, or gain knowledge on a certain information you want to pass. Whichever action it is, the only way they can take action is if they read whatever it is you’re bringing to the table. And just a Jane Cleland, a design expert has pointed out, not everybody reads. Especially in this age where

Mineral resource development in Nigeria | Mining Company in Abuja, Africa

Mineral resource development in Nigeria -There is no doubt that Africa remains the center of world attraction largely because of its rich deposits of mineral resources. It contains one-third of the world’s mineral reserves. In fact, Africa has been ranked as the largest source of bauxite, cobalt, industrial diamonds, manganese, phosphate rock, soda ash and a host of other metals currently in high demand. The continent has attracted foreign mining firms to explore its rich mineral resources. His